Music Journalism

Period of study: 2 academic years, full time

Admission: on submission of documents

Students holding a Bachelor's degree with an average score above Good (4) from the semester exams and Very good (4.50) from the State exams can apply.

A total of 120 credits (60 per academic year) is required to receive a Master's degree. They are accumulated from the compulsory (70%), elective (20%) and optional (10%) subjects.

Courses of study: Theory of journalism; History of music journalism; Journalism genres; Music journalism genres; Styles in music journalism; Music and public relations; Electronic and printed media; History of music; Musical analysis;  Ethics and legal issues in music journalism; Musical aesthetics; Ethnomusicology and pop folk

Elective: Music management; Bulgarian language; Piano/Musical instrument/Singing; Criticism and study of ballet styles, etc.

Optional: Foreign language; Sports

Professional qualifications and career opportunities

- To work in the sphere of music criticism and publicizing;

- To perform popularizing and educational activities in the sphere of music

- To engage in pedagogic and teaching activities;

- To work as editors and producers in the realization of musical radio- and TV programs, of sound and video recordings, concerts and other music performances, in the film industry.

Career opportunities:

- In printed and electronic media, publishing houses and periodicals related to the art of music;

- In faculties/departments of journalism or high education institutes

- In philharmonic societies, musical theatres and other music performance institutes;

- In sound recording, film, broadcasting and TV studios.

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