Prof. Maria GANEVA Doctor of Arts


The Pop and Jazz Art Department of the Bulgarian State Conservatory was launched in 1968 to provide specific genre training. This was a two-year course and upon completion students received a college degree. This course is currently being implemented by the Pop and Jazz Art Department at Prof. Pancho Vladigerov Academy of Music. After 1986 it gained the status of higher education (4-year course). The department was previously headed by Emil Georgiev (1968-1987), Assoc. Prof. Georgi Kordov (1987-1989), Assoc. Prof.Tomi Dimchev (1989-1997) and Prof.Yulia Tsenova (1997-2010).

Throughout the existence of the department, a number of elite musicians have been teachers; among them, Prof. Yulia Tsenova, Prof. Teodossi Stoykov, Asst. Angel Zaberski, Assoc. Prof Georgi Kordov, Assoc. Prof.Tomi Dimchev, Prof. Petar Dimitrov , Assoc. Prof. Krassimira Magneva, Stefan Atanassov, Boris Stamenov,  Dimitar Simeonov, Petar Tsankov , Yonko Tatarov, Lili Nenkova and many others.

From 1968 to 1986 this was a two-year course, and upon completion students received a college degree. After 1986, the course gained the status of higher education (four-year course). Currently, students are taught instrumental and vocal studies separately in the bachelor programme. Upon completion of the bachelor degree, students can continue their studies to acquire a master's degree. Since the release of the new Law on Academic Staff Development in the Republic of Bulgaria in 2010, efforts of the Department are directed to the opportunities provided by doctoral programmes for the development of outstanding young people in the field of music.

To appreciate the quality of graduates of the Pop and Jazz Art Department we should mention the names of the singers Vassil Naidenov, Georgi Hristov, Vesselin Marinov, Vassil Petrov, Vladimir Ampov – The Count,  Dessislava Dobreva, Essil Duran, Boris Soltariyski (KuKu Band), Beloslava,  Margarita Hranova, Neli Rangelova, Silvia Katsarova, Vanya Kostova, Duet Riton , Mimi Ivanova, Petya Buyuklieva, Kichka Budurova, Bogdan Tomov, Camelia Voche , Panayot Panayotov, Veneta Rangelova, Rositsa Ganeva, Stanley – Stanislav Slanev and instrumentalists Stoyan Yankulov – Stundzhi (drums) , Tsvetan Nedyalkov (guitar – KuKu Band), Ivan Stoyanov (bass guitar – KuKu Band), Kristian Ivanov (piano – KuKu Band) , Evgeni Yotov (saxophone – KuKu Band), Mihail Yossifov (trumpet), Vladimir Karparov (saxophone), Vesselin Vesselinov – Eko (bass guitar, double bass) , Vassil Parmakov (piano), Shibil Benev (guitar), Dimitar Kovachev – Funky (bass guitar), Ventsislav Blagoev (trumpet), Peter Slavov – Son (bass), Dimitar Dimitrov (drums),  Todor  Tsachev (saxophone) and many others.

The Pop and Jazz Art Department includes prominent musicians who maintain active careers; singers, composers and arrangers, who currently make a significant contribution to the cultural life of our country.


Department Staff:

Prof. Maria GANEVA,Doctor of Arts, Piano, Composition, Head of Department

Prof. Stefka ONIKYAN, Ph.D., Singing

Prof. Hristo YOTSOV, Percussion Instruments

Assoc. Prof. Alice BOVARYAN, Singing

Assoc. Prof. Tsvetan NEDYALKOV, Ph.D., Guitar

Assoc. Prof. Ivan STOYANOV, Ph.D., Bass Guitar

Mihail YOSIFOV, Trumpet

Researsal Pianists: 

Alexandar BOZHIKOV


Kristian ILIEV

Part-time lecturers:

Prof. Simeon SHTEREV, Flute

Prof. Veselina RAEVA PH.D, Acting, Stage Speech

Assoc. Prof. Alexandar PUMPALOV, Guitar

Assoc. Prof. Yasen OBRETENOV, Orchestration, Arrangement

Antony DONCHEV, Piano

Ognian VESKOV, Guitar

Dimitar KARAMFILOV, Double Bass

Vladimir DIMOV, Singing

Stefan BACHVAROV, Saxophone

Tamara MAVROVA, Vocal Ensembles

Valentin ASENOV, Singing

Rosmari DRAGNEVA, Singing

Ilian PARASKOV, Singing 

Adriana BENOVA, Singing

Gergana VLADOVA, Piano

Yasen OBRETENOV, Piano

Atanas MILADINOV, Piano

Hristofor STOYANOV, Sound-technics

Zdravko Petrov, History of pop music, History of Jazz

Rehearsal pianists:




Dimitrina MILANOVA