Additional qualification

Requalification for acquisition of a teacher certificate:

The National Music Academy provides training in the form of requalification for the acquisition of a teacher qualification. Retraining in Musical Pedagogy lasts one academic year /two semesters/. Training is carried out in a part-time form, on a specialized curriculum. A Certificate of professional qualification is issued after passing the annual exams and a state exam.

For the professional qualification of teachers can apply.

Students owning the education-qualification degrees of BACHELOR or MASTER in the ARTS sphere of higher education and professional area MUSIC AND DANCE ART. Admission is held on submitted documents.


Other requalifications:

Graduate retraining is conducted in a major other than the candidate's major from his/her diploma of higher education. The requalification candidates sit for an admission exam. The syllabuses for these exams are compiled by the department of the respective major which also appoints a board of examiners consisting of at least three members. The results of the examination are recorded in a protocol containing the applicant's score and the assessment of the board of examiners. The protocol is signed by all members of the board. The requalification is completed with exams in all subjects included in the curriculum and a state examination. The successful graduates receive a Certificate of professional qualification.